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Ramesh Lawrence Maharaj 

Ramesh Lawrence Maharaj S.C

Born: 16th September 1945

Place of Birth: Diamond Village San Fernando

Parents: Dolly and Nanan Maharaj

Married: Lynette Maharaj

He attended the St Andrews Theological College in San Fernando studying to become a Presbyterian Minister.

He studied law in England and was admitted to the Bar in November 1966.

He built a reputation as a human rights lawyer in the 1980's


He served as:

Member of Parliament for Couva South in 1991 

Member of Parliament for Tabaquite in 2008

An Opposition Senator (Temporary) from 27th August 1991- 19th November 1991.

An Opposition Chief Whip 13th January 1992 to 6th October 1995

Special Advisor to the Prime Minister  27th November `1995 to 2nd February 1996

The Attorney General from the 3rd February 1996 to 21st October 1999

The Attorney General and Minister of Legal Affairs from 22nd October 1999 to 4th October 2001

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