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What is Aspiring Minds Foundation about?

Aspiring Minds Foundation aims to provide quick, convenient, and reliable access to the best history resources in a wide range of categories about Trinidad and Tobago. It is designed to benefit teachers and their students; however, general history enthusiasts will benefit from the site as well.

In a message to the Youth of the Nation: Dr. Eric Williams said; “I have given to the Nation as its watchwords, Discipline, Production, Tolerance. They apply as much to you the young people as to your parents.


The discipline is both individual and national; the individual cannot be allowed to seek his personal interests and gratify his personal ambition at the expense of our Nation.


We must produce in order to enjoy. Wealth does not drop from the skies for any individual or any Nation.


To translate the ideal of our National Anthem into a code of everyday behavior, and to make our Nation one in which “every creed and race find an equal place.”


We at Aspiring Minds Foundation believe in these words and believe that the children of our nation need not only to hear these words but to understand what they truly mean. To accomplish this it would mean that we gave our children the best education possible.

There are many sites that give information on the History of Trinidad and Tobago with references, images and that are credible. However, they are not easily accessible to children and the youth, which leaves them feeling left out, which may contribute to the social issues of crime, drugs, alcoholism, and delinquency in our youths today. Through research, we have come to understand that the ideal age to start teaching children about history is at Kindergarten. Children should be presented with information that provides them with an

understanding of slavery, indentureship, who are the first people, and past leaders as it relates to history. This information provides an opportunity to begin to understand

slavery and their fight for freedom, what brought the Chinese, Indians and so many more to our islands, about the foods we eat as a result of the merging of the different cultures and races. Our diverse history in this country is useful in helping students to recognize the true significance of events ranging from Christopher Columbus, Colonialism, and the Black Power Movement, to the election of the first Prime Minister, and Independence.

Aspiring Minds Foundation's focus is on being an active member of the community and creating authentic relationships with students, parents, and schools throughout the islands. We intend to host workshops at various community centres to build these relationships and create awareness of the website. 

It is important for Aspiring Minds Foundation to consistently participate in student-focused events in the community.

Aspiring Minds intends to partner with any corporate or private entities that are geared to the education and upliftment of the people of our nation.

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