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Ramdeen Ramjattan

Born on the 24 July 1927 Caratal, Cumuto

Died on the 5 February 2018

His career in stand-up comedy began in 1951 at 24 years of age, he was introduced to the audience by Lande de Montburn at the Queen's Park Oval, this earned him the honor of becoming one of the first non-white comedians to perform at the oval. He became known as John Agitation which he got from a character in a script he had written for a church bazaar.

He graduated from the Progressive Educational Institute and served in the Civil Service in the Ministry of Agriculture.

He was the first comedian in the Commonwealth of Nations to win an election. The by-election in the Sangre Grande Regional Corporation for Guaico-Cumuto district in 1989. As a candidate for the United National Congress

He was a regular on Radio Trinidad, during the Horace James Comedy Hour, Sunday Serenade which was hosted by Sam Ghany and the Aunty Kay Children's Show and performed to sold-out shows around the country.

He farmed oranges, mandarins, tangelos, portugals and grapefruit cultivating on his ten acres of land in Cumuto. He was an avid hunter as his home was in the rural forested area of Cumuto which have a large population of Aguti and Brocket Deer..

A recipient of the Humming Bird Medal Silver award for his contribution in working to preserve Trinbagonian and Caribbean folklore through comedic storytelling in 2003

The Caratal Recreational Grounds was named after him.

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