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New Years in Trinidad and Tobago

The people of Trinidad and Tobago embrace the coming of the New Year with great celebration and enthusiasm. Old Year’s Night is an occasion

New Years in Trinidad and Tobago
New Years in Trinidad and Tobago

celebrated by spending time with family and friends to bring in the New Year. Births Every Newborn baby is ushered in with gifts and full fanfare at the various hospitals. Religious Many citizens usher in the New Year with prayer and worship, one of the many options are the Cathedral of Immaculate Conception on Independence Square in Port-of-Spain.

Revelry New Year’s day marks the beginning of Carnival Season. Family Many families chose to usher in the New Year with family gatherings with each person deciding what resolutions will be made.

Safety Do not use fireworks under the influence of alchohol. Fireworks scare animals, secure them properly in kennels. Always have water nearby when handling fireworks. Use fireworks on a hard surface. Do not hold in hands! Children should not handle fireworks. Be cautious in lighting fireworks in windy conditions.



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