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Christina Lewis

Christina Lewis

Born 1919

Died 1974

Social Activist and Social worker on behalf of women

She staged the first International Women’s Day Celebration in 1958

She Campaigned for pre and post natal clinics through the country.

She attended the 5th Congress of Women International Democratic Federation in China in 1958.

March 8 is International Women’s Day

Celebrations in Trinidad and Tobago began  in 1958 when Christian Lewis and the Caribbean Women’s National Assembly began organising rallies and placard protests for maternity benefits, equal pay and other democratic rights for women in Trinidad and Tobago.

These celebrations have continued and grown into a nationally recognised event.

From the mid-80s it was decided that joint national celebrations would be organised. These were coordinated by the Democratic Women’s Association and Women Working for Social Progress.

Over time these celebrations grew and more women’s organisations got involved. It became traditional to have a rally in Woodford Square on March 8, with a lunchtime march through the streets of Port of Spain. 

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