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Water at Fort Abercromby

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Aspiring Minds Foundation

Aspiring Minds Foundation is a registered Non-Profit Organization. Whose goal and focus is being an active member of the community and creating relationships with students, parents, and schools, while promoting Trinidad and Tobago people, history and culture.

Aspiring Minds Foundation consistently participates in student-focused events within communities.  We partner with schools, corporate or private entities that are geared to the education and upliftment of the people of our nation.

Ben and Kat

History of Trinidad and Tobago - Famous people from Trinidad and Tobago - public holidays Trinidad and Tobago - cultural icons from Trinidad and Tobago.



The discipline is both individual and national; the individual cannot be allowed to seek his personal interests and gratify his personal ambition at the expense of our Nation.


We must produce in order to enjoy. Wealth does not drop from the skies for any individual or any Nation.



To translate the ideal of our National Anthem into a code of everyday behavior, and to make our Nation one in which “every creed and race find an equal place.”

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