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Hubert Jerningham

Sir Hubert Edward Henry Jerningham

​Third Governor of Trinidad and Tobago

He was Member of Parliament (MP) for Berwick-upon-Tweed from 1881 to 1885.

​He was appointed the 17th Governor of Mauritius, from 21 September 1892 to 15 January 1897, having been previously acting in the role from 12 March 1892 to 20 September 1892.

In June 1897 he was appointed Governor of Trinidad and Tobago, serving as such until December 1900.


While he was Governor, the Trinidad Government Railway was extended from Cunupia to Tabaquite.​


The railway junction formed by this extension was named Jerningham Junction.


He also instituted an award for the top student in the Island Scholarship examinations, a gold medal called the Jerningham Medal (today is known as the President's Medal).​

While governor he abolished the Borough Council of Spain and appointed a new corporation "Town commissioners". With four members all nominated by him, the first commission was Hon. S.W. Knaggs who received for his services an honorarium of £300 while each of the other Commissioners received £100 per annum.


This was because of a dispute with the Borough Council. The borough charter was suspended on 1 January 1899; the suspension remained in effect until 1914.

This action made Jerningham very unpopular with the population.​ He was appointed a deputy lieutenant of Northumberland on 21 May 1901, after his return to the United Kingdom. He was received in a customary stepping down audience by King Edward VII in January 1902.

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