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Cornelius Moloney

Sir Cornelius Alfred Moloney

Fourth Governor of Trinidad and Tobago

He served as British Administrator of The Gambia from 1884 to 1886.

Governor of Lagos Colony from 1886 to 1890.


Governor of British Honduras from 1891 to 1897.


Governor of the Federal Colony of the Windward Islands from 1897 to 1900. 


Governor of Trinidad and Tobago from November 4th 1900 to August 1904.

In 1903, the Water Riot took place during which the old Red House was burnt down and most of the Government's records were lost by fire. The cause of the Water riot was due to the introduction into the Legislative council a new Waterworks Ordinance which increased the agitation of the citizenry. As there had been a history of dissatisfaction regarding the city's water supply. It was said that the population of Port of Spain were notorious for the wasting of water as many left their taps running, and due to lack of adequate supplies, it was necessary.

Amidst the confusion, police mismanagement, and official arrogance there was a violent confrontation where the police were ordered to shoot the demonstrators.  This resulted in 16 people being killed and approximately 43 seriously wounded.  Some policemen shot the protesters, others bayoneted them.  Among the dead were at least five women, one of whom, Eliza Bunting who was only 12 years. 

The wounded were at least 7 women and the Caribbean-wide composition of Port-of-Spain was reflected in the range of nationalities who were either killed or wounded.  Among the policemen, 12 were wounded. 

The entire Red House was gutted the only records saved were those in the Registrar General’s vault on the ground floor at the South Eastern corner of the building.  Troops from Barbados had to be brought in to assist, legal costs and expenses in the bringing of three commissioners from England and of re-building the Red House totaled £106,947,000. 

Two years later the costs escalated with the Red House alone cost £227,928.15.  From April 1903 to January 1907 the legislature was removed to the Princes Building on the Southern side of Queens Park Savannah.

Moloney was made a Companion of the Order of St. Michael and St. George (C.M.G.) the 1882 Birthday Honours, later being promoted to Knight Commander (K.C.M.G.) in the 1890 New Year Honours.

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