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Dr Keith Christopher Rowley

Dr Keith Christopher Rowley ​ 8th Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago ​ Born on the 24th October 1949 at Mason Hall, Tobago Married to Sharon Rowley Attended Bishop's High School, Tobago, University of the West Indies (Mona) ​ He is a Volcanologist with a Doctorate in Geology. Former Head of the Seismic Research Unit at the University of the West Indies, St. Augustine.

​An Opposition Member 27th November 1995 - 3rd November 2000, 12th January 2001 - 9th October 2001. ​ The Minister of Agriculture, Land and Marine Resources, from the 13th January 1992 to the 6th October 1995. ​ The Minister of Planning and Development from the 26th December 2001 to the 9th October 2002 and again from 15th October 2002 to the 9th November 2003. ​​ The Minister of Housing from the 10th November 2003 to the 7th November 2007. ​ The Minister of Trade and Industry from the 8th November 2007 to the 22nd April 2008. ​ A Government Member from the 23rd April 2008 to the 8th April 2010. ​ The Leader of the Opposition from the 4th June 2010 to the 17th June 2015. ​ The Prime Minister from the 9th September 2015 a position he presently holds. He was raised by his grandparents, who were farmers in Tobago. ​ A lover of gardening, hiking in nature and golfing. ​ He launched his first Biography "From Mason Hall to White Hall" on the 19th September 2016.


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