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What is the standard size for a flagpole?

Flags can be used for many occasions - whether you have a business or you just want a flag for personal use. The standard flag with pole and grommet eyelets is the most commonly displayed flag and is typically flown horizontally on a vertical freestanding outdoor flagpole. The hoist edge is reinforced canvas with eyelets (usually brass grommets) designed to attach the flag to the pole. There are about 8 standard common flag sizes which can be used for different reasons.


For in-ground flagpoles, the length of the flag should be one quarter to one third the height of the pole. An example would be if you had a 6 meter flagpole you should be looking at a 90 cm x 150 cm flag.


Hand pole 1Ocm x 15cm

This is the smallest standard flag size, is commonly made from polyester. They are ideally used at parades and come with small hand poles enabling the person to wave them during an event. This flag size is used as a common table flag size.

Hand pole, Car pole 28cm x 38cm

This size is most commonly used for car flags. A car flag can have different size poles ranging from 43cm to 50cm. They are made from a material called polypropylene and attached to the car window. The flag stays in place when the window is wound up and flies when there is wind or when the car is moving. 

Hand pole, Boat pole 30cm x 45cm

While this flag is usually classified as a hand flag, it can also be used as a car flag and is generally supplied with a wooden or plastic pole. The size of the pole would be 0.08mm x 60cm again allowing it to be easily used for waving. These flags would be seen at sporting events etc.

House mounted flagpole 60cm x 90cm

This flag is sized between the hand flags and hoisted flags. They are commonly used with high flag poles but can be used as garden flags. As a hand flag they are ideal for use at sporting events and as promotional give outs.

House mounted or 6 meter flagpole 90 cm x 150 cm

This is the most common flag size as it is big enough to be seen. This size is used on business and company flag poles, flown outside private homes and in schools.  A flag pole of at least 6 meter high is required for this size flag.

7-8 meter flagpole 120 cm x 180 cm

For this flag is to be used on a flag pole, the pole needs to be securely placed in-ground and needs to be at least 7 meter high.

9 meter flagpole 150cm x 240cm

Considered a large flag it can be used as a flag or banner and needs an in-ground flagpole of at least 9 meter in length. 

At least 11 meter flagpole 180 cm x 300 cm

This size flag is great for use at sporting events and as back drops for stages and requires an in-ground flagpole of at least 11 meter in length. 

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