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George Maxwell Richards

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Fourth President of Trinidad and Tobago

Born                     1st December 1931 
                            San Fernando

Died                     8th January 2018

Spouse(s)               Jean Ramjohn

Education              Queen's Royal College
Alma mater            University of Manchester
                             Pembroke College, Cambridge


President                17 March 2003 – 17 March 2013

His Profession as a Chemical Engineer at Shell Trinidad Ltd ( United British Oilfields of Trinidad)

Pro-Vice-Chancellor Deputy Principal at The University of the West Indies. 1980 to 1985

The principal of  St. Augustine campus of the University of the West Indies in Trinidad from 1984 to 1996.

Honours - Chaconia Medal of the National Order of the Trinity Class 1 Gold

Born in San-Fernando, won Government Exhibition, attended the San Fernando Government School.


He later attended Queen Royal Collage Port- of Spain.

He also received a scholarship to study chemical engineering from his employer

Shell Trinidad Limited, and at the University of Manchester where he obtained a Bachelor's degree and a Masters Degree in Engineering. He later obtained a PHD Degree in Chemical Engineering From the University of Cambridge. He served as Pro-Vice-Chancellor and Deputy Principal of the University of the

West Indies after attaining the post of Professor of Chemical Engineering. 

He was re-elected for a second five-year term as President of the Electoral College on February 11 2000, He is well known for his involvement in Carnival in 1977, he received the Chaconia Medal Gold for his contributions to Trinidad and Tobago

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