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First Peoples of Trinidad and Tobago

On the 13th October 2017 the First Peoples of Trinidad and Tobago, celebrated the culture and history of the Amerindians on the islands. This was a week long event which began with:


On the 6th October 2017, Lecture Series at NAPA Port of Spain, on The results of DNA testing of The First Peoples in Trinidad and Tobago: Identification of their Genelogical Ancestry.

The 9th October 2017, Ancestral Journery to Moruga, and the Water Ritual.

The  10th October 2017

They came to Trinidad from South America over 7000 years ago. Trinidad was called Caeri, which means “the island” as distinct from the mainland which was their original home.  

When Christopher Columbus arrived on our shores in 1498 there were over than 40,000 Amerindians living here.  These belonged to five distinct groups:  Arauca, Garini, Nepuyo, Shebaio and Yaio.

Presently the Santa Rosa First Peoples Community is the only organized area of the Amerindian Survival in Trinidad and Tobago. The Community based in Arima.  

Some family names that are associated with those of Amerindian ancestry- Borneo, Campo, Calderon, Castillo, Hernandez, Lopez, Martinez, Peña, and Belcon.

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