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How do I donate to Aspiring Minds?

To donate please visit our donation page. You can donate by using Credit Card, Paypal, Bank Transfer or by sending Cheque to Aspiring Minds Harmony Hall Development Gasparillo Trinidad and Tobago. 

Why should I donate to Aspiring Minds?

Aspiringmindstandt.com is a small library with a mission: to give everyone access to knowledge for free. Together we are building a place where parents students and teachers can read and learn about Trinidad and Tobago history, culture, people and more. Reader privacy is very important to us, so we don't share your personal information. We still need to pay for servers and researchers and rent. That's where you can help us. If you find our site useful, please give what you can. Thank you.

Where does my donation go?

Technology: We are working to preserve information and data about our nation. This takes a lot of servers, bandwidth and power. There is a cost to store all this information.


  • Taking aspiringmindstandt.com to schools, giving teachers, students and parents access the information that they need.

  • Working with communities to archive information about their history and people.

  • Collaborating with Regional and City Corporations on building timelines on there development and the persons who contributed.

Staff: Hiring and retaining persons who are desirous of preserving the History of Trinidad and Tobago is imperative. We employ 5 persons, Most of which could be making much more money but have chosen to work to ensure that future generations can have knowledge at their fingertips.