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Bernadette Laughlin Scott

Bernadette Scott

The Love Movement comprises three choirs

The Lights of Love Children’s Choir,

The Republic Bank Love Movement Youth Outreach Programme, and The Love Movement Senior Choir. 

At Holy Name Convent, her alma mater, she was one of the main soloists in the choir. 

She said, “God gave me a beautiful voice. From a child I could always remember myself singing. I could sing almost anything and I never really had any training,”

Every year, she would sing at the Country Club’s Christmas show. In 1972 she asked some friends to join her and they were a hit. Members of the audience encouraged them to form a group and to put on a concert and so they did. Love Movement began with 15 girls from the St Ann’s Church choir. In 1973, the girls began performing concerts of classical, gospel, folk and other types of music to raise money for several charities. Eventually, ten of their male friends joined the group. 

As a teacher at St Bernadette’s Preparatory School in St Ann’s. She saw children become teenagers who used drugs and alcohol and generally lived an unhealthy lifestyle. She firmly believes that  prayer and spiritual aspect is what keeps the children focused — the performing arts is what they love to do. Most of the children in the choirs are from St Jude’s Home for Girls, St Dominic’s Children’s Home, Sofia House and Marion House Living Water Community as well as youths from various schools in and around St Ann’s and Belmont. 

One year before she started the Outreach Programme,she had lost her singing voice. She was so frustrated about not being able to sing she sat down at her keyboard and started to write music. 

She said “I had to get it out and I did a whole CD with my compositions called Movement of Love, she said. “I wrote a whole mass, the song “The Message” about abstinence and “People of La Trinity”. My fingers started to do what my voice couldn’t.” 

She was so frustrated about not being able to sing she sat down at her keyboard and started to write music. 



  • Unity Awards


  • Caribbean Award


  • National Award


  • Citation


  • Citation

  • National Award


  • Citation


  • National award

  • Lights of Love is born


  • The Youth Outreach Programme begins


  • Founded in 1972

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