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Alfred Hollis

Sir Alfred Claud Hollis


Tenth Governor of Trinidad and Tobago

Born in London 12th May 1874

He Died 22nd November 1961.

He was privately educated in England, Switzerland and Germany.

At the age of twenty in German East Africa as an employee of a German Company between 1893 and 1896.

He joined the EAP administration as an assistant collector in 1897.

Fluent in German he was an asset to the Governor Sir Charles Elliot whose neighbouring territories belonged to the Germans.

He held the position as Secretary to Governor Elliot in 1900.

He wrote books on the Language and Folklore of the Masai in 1905 and the Nandi in 1908.

In 1913 he took up the post of colonial secretary in Sierra Leone, and in 1920 he was appointed chief secretary in Tanganyika.

In 1924 he became British Resident Minister in Zanzibar.


He was made governor of Trinidad and Tobago in 1930, holding that post until his retirement in 1936.

He came into conflict with Arthur Andrew Cipriani over the transfer of the electric works to the authority of the Port of Spain City Corporation.

He authored a book on the historical account of Spanish Trinidad.

Hollis died at the age of 87 in Cambridge.

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